April 21, 2012

Guys, life fulfillment is really simple, not easy to execute but simple.

Guys, life fulfillment is really simple, not easy to execute but simple.

First we need to remember it is not about us. Second we need to know we have a divinely prescribed job to do. And, finally, we will ultimately discover that life is most satisfying when we live in the sweet spot of God’s will.

Oh, that is the problem, “huh? We are not sure what God’s “will” is?

Well, I am going to give it to you bluntly and simply; forget the complexity of “God’s will”, that cloudy theological question. God’s “will” is a simple as obeying God’s word. And God’s word gives you and continues to emphasize, 6 basic priorities for men. You might call them foundational responsibilities.

These foundational responsibilities are found in the foundation of God’s word – the book of Genesis and they are found in the first six chapters. Here is the summary, simply…

  • Men, you have been Created in God’s image (note Genesis 1:26). Therefore, you reflect Him. How? In that you have the ability to think and reason, feel and imagine. You have a drive to create and build and you have a moral compass that is pointed toward good, though your sin nature resists it. What all that means is that you are meant to reflect Him in the expression of your life for good – part of which is to recognize His superiority in worship, and the rest of life you honor Him in good works (Ephesians 2:10).That gives you Purpose (note 1:28).
  • Second, we learn from Genesis 2 as well as other passages that you are intended to “cultivate” His garden (2:8-14). His garden, this planet, is filled with all sorts of good things, raw and ready for the transformation that comes through human hands, creative minds and persistent labor. What that provides is your Career. Each of us has special gifts – God’s “calling” – by which we apply ourselves to creative, productive, expression in His garden. That forms our Career and from that we provide for ourselves as we serve others. (1 Peter 4:10).
  • Next God provides men with a helpmate who dispels loneliness, provides a complement to our strengths and weaknesses and enables the expression of healthy intimacy and procreation. She also adds to our emotional and spiritual connection on a horizontal level. What secures this hallowed union is faithfulness; for we are to “Cleave” to a wife (2:24). This sacred commitment is repeated in the New Testament by both Jesus as well the Apostle Paul (MT 19; EPH 5). This is God’s gift of a Companion (2:18).
  • From the blessed union of a wife, naturally flows, the awesome outcome of offspring that reflect our nature from the pool of genetic code provided by the union of the man and his woman. When we conceive children, we begin to fulfill the first commandment of God’s first commission – “to be fruitful… to fill the earth”. We also begin the biggest task of our lives – the provision and protection of our Family; spiritually, physically, intellectually and emotionally (note 4:1). The Apostle Paul reminds us of the same in Ephesians 6.
  • The fifth basic priority for men is Community. We see from Genesis 4 and 5 that once a multiple group of “families” are established on the earth, they begin to settle in Communities, just as we have today. And just as today, we find that they are Communities of difference (see 4:12). What I mean by that is this – there are communities who acknowledge God’s role in life in redemptive living and other who don’t. They live in rebellion. This is what we call the Neighbors (4:16, 17). And this is why the other four priorities of life must be pursued and guarded by men diligently or the whole of life begins to unravel – our sense of purpose, our careers, or marriages and our families.
  • And is that important – the diligent pursuit of our responsibilities before God? You bet it is because we learn from Genesis 6, and multiple other passages in scripture, that God has a day of Reckoning established for all mankind. If you care at all about giving an account to God (2 Corinthians 5:10), then you will recognize that God is just, hates sin and punishes evil but rewards the righteous who have been forgiven by His grace. To those whose expression of life was rebellion, God will respond in Condemnation. But for those who have entered into His Covenant by blood (Genesis 3:21; Hebrews 9:22; Revelations 1:5), they will receive abundant life and eternal fellowship with the Living God.

As you can see the Creation account matters for its sets the parameters of your God given responsibilities squarely before you. That is why the “theory of Evolution” is so destructive. It is not merely a different mode of origins or choice of opinion; it strikes at the heart of responsibility. Either we have a moral responsibility to the One who created, owns and operates this place we call life. Or we’re all a chemical accident with no further explanation, purpose or destiny.

So now you know, the creation account, accounts for your existence. Because of God (see Genesis 1:1), you have been given life and therefore a chance, a chore and a choice. What will you do with it, is the question now.

For more detailed information on these 6 priorities, please tune into FOCUS, online at our website or on a mobile app. There you will find a fuller explanation of these 6 topics as I go through them individually in a six week series.

– Article by Jim Coté, President of the Master’s Men ministry.