April 15, 2014

With his latest book release, 7 Weeks To A Better Marriage, Jim tackles one of the most difficult topics known to man – marriage. All over the world, couples struggle with how to keep their marriages alive. In this clever writing, Jim walks through 7 key points that every marriage should focus on. Written as a weekly study guide, men will be able to take the lead as they read and guide their wives along as they learn from this book.

Below is an excerpt :

“Marriage — both a boom and a bane depending on whom you talk to. Marriage is a booming business for wedding planners and vendors who provide all the necessary trimmings to the wedding day. It is also a booming business for the lawyers who help couples out of the original covenant they committed to on that wedding day!

It’s a bane to married couples going through struggles that seem intractable. And it’s a bane to the friends, family members, counselors and others who endure watching couples struggle to regain the joy, enthusiasm, confidence and the romantic spark that originally brought them together.

Believe it or not, marriage is meant by God to be a blessing. If so, we must ask ourselves, how do we get there; how do we achieve what He intends?”

You can get a copy of the book here.