August 22, 2017

A Case Study for the Master’s Men Method in Southern India

Men in India are not too unlike men from other cultures, running from church because they see that most who go are women, so they think it cannot be for them!  They are confused as to what a real man looks like so they squander their masculinity on other things. Such as alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco – addictions which often lead to debt, unemployment and lack of responsibility for family.  All of which are real issues for men in southern India. 

The story is the same in most every community in which those who lead Master’s Men Teams in southern India. For example: in the village of Ummanapalli there are approximately 550 people who live in 170 houses. Roughly 240 males and 210 females of which 65% are Hindus, 33% Christians and 2% other.  Pastor Yobu has been ministering in this village through his church for more than 5 years.  His church had grown to roughly 60 members, 50 of which are women.  Men are not interested in attending church and when they decide to attend it is for a special occasion.  After attending the Master’s Men training, Pastor Yobu wrote down the names of men he desired to see be a part of a Master’s Men team and began to pray for them.  Shortly after that he invited these men to attend the men’s team, knowing that many of these men were the same men who would not attend his church.  He was more than pleased to see that most of these men not only showed genuine interest, but eight actually came to the men’s team that met outside the “walls” of the church. In a relatively short time, Pastor Yobu established two more teams in this same village.

The following describes the impact that MMI is having on these men.

1. Mr. Venkaiya is a Hindu and a taxi driver.  He is an alcoholic and whatever he earned would go to the purchase of alcohol.  For two years he attended the MMI men’s team and was prayed for by the Pastor during which time God began to change his life. He has reduced alcohol consumption by 90% and he recently accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

2. Mr. Yesobu is a Brick Layer (masonry) and never goes to church. Like so many men he too consumes a lot of cigarettes & tobacco products.  After his involvement in MMI he has begun to attend church.

3. Mr. Rathnam is a partially blind farmer – never attending church, but does go to MMI team meetings with other men.  We are praying that he will trust in Jesus soon! 

4. Mr. Gabriel is a wood cutter and struggling to pay his bills.  He told the team of men who are a part of MMI that he needed to find a better contract to earn money.  Shortly afterwards, God answered our prayer!  Gabriel received a six-month wood cutting contract and through this contract he is

earning good income for his family.  Although he is a believer, he only attended church every-now-and-then, but lately has become more involved in his church. 

5. Mr. Jeyarao is a contractor – selling and buying businesses. He has yet to set foot in a church, but attends the MMI team meeting. We are praying that he will accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

6. Mr. Guravaiah appears to present himself well, but is unemployed and always fighting with his own family as well as most everyone else. Pastor Yobu has consistently prayed for him and through his persistent invitation to the MMI team meeting, he now attends.  This team of men are praying for this brother and now we all expect changes to begin taking place! 

7. Mr. Adam is a bricklayer who abuses alcohol and drugs. Even though he grew up in a Christian family, he is lost. He is currently an active participator of our MMI Team and we are seeing changes take place.

8. Elisha is retired military. He comes to our MMI team regularly and is very interested in beginning a new MMI team with his circle of friends.

The model of Master’s Men is proving to be effective in India as it helps build leaders.  These leaders come from all walks of life, some are pastors, others are elders, evangelist, photographers, taxi drivers, tailors, students, painters, carpenters, brick-layers, private company employees, government employees, day labors, farmers and fishermen.

Your prayer for this specific team of men as well as the 4600 men of whom 1965 are Hindu that are involved in MMI is much appreciated. Prayer is also needed for the growing number of MMI team leaders (currently 413 teams).   We are especially thankful to the Lord that 243 Hindu men have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and are growing in their faith! 

To God be all the glory!

Vinoth Paul K. A.

Master’s Men Director – Southern India