January 11, 2016

Do you have a plan for the new year?

Life can get so busy that we often get stuck in the same patterns and routine. Because of this we can become stale and complacent. But, we are called to be growing in our faith and in our personal life. Remember, we are supposed to be swimming upstream against the current, against the tide. There is no such thing as neutral, you are either moving closer to God or drifting away from Him. So…. how can we be wise and strategic with our time in 2016?

First, you have to go to God. God comes first. We offer Him the first fruits of our life, our week, our day and our finances. With God first we will acquire clarity and wisdom which will allow us to move forward with confidence.

Second, you have to put together a plan. Yes I know, God determines our steps. But we need to come up with a plan that we can pray over, a plan that we can commit to the Lord. This way we have specifics to pray about and can measure our movement and progress.

A good acronym to keep in mind is KSE. It stands for this: Knowledge, Strategy and Execution.

K – You need to acquire practical knowledge. The purpose of “K” is to remind you that you do not know it all. You need to constantly be a learner, a disciple. This is the mark of humility and the foundation to which God can bless you with success.

S – With knowledge and experience you are ready to apply what you know. But before you do this you need a strategy. All too often plans fail because people are knowledgable but they don’t put together a plan or strategy and commit it to the Lord. Like a commander in the military, if you are going to go against the enemy you need a plan of attack. You need to prepare.

E – With a thought out plan that is prayed over and committed to God you now need to execute. Plans without execution are a fools errand. You will only realize your dreams when you execute the strategy. Will it change as you apply it? Of course! But at least you are moving forward and if you are following the lead of the Lord you are on your way to success.

You may need to pay off credit card debt, you may need to work on your marriage, you may need to finish school or find a new job. Whatever the task God is willing to walk with you but you need to press into Him and ask for guidance.

You need to put together a plan and walk it out.

I start everyday off with coffee and God’s Word. I use the One Year Bible which breaks the Bible into daily readings. I know that before I move forward that day I have committed my plans to the Lord. He knows my strategy and I ask for guidance.

Feel stuck?

Pray and seek God, ask for wisdom, reach out to wiser men that will give you knowledge. Put together a plan, commit that plan to the Lord and move forward with confidence. God may redirect you but at least you are making progress.

I hope you have a blessed new year in Christ.