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The Porn Problem


It started with a Victoria Secret magazine. Mix photoshop with God’s creative genius and you have locked in a teenage boy like white on rice.…

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Behind The Scenes


Daytona International Speedway is one of the most recognized race tracks among racing enthusiast. A win at Daytona is coveted by everyone who has taken…

Finances, Money

Staycation Nation


In this economy, not everyone can afford to travel to exotic places. I hear a lot about "Staycations", and as the price of gas climbs…

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The Voice Of Strong Men


I was asked a probing question last week. Where is the voice of strong men? What the man was asking is simply this, 'Why aren’t…

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The Call Of The Wild


It is the end of hunting season and all you can think about is September 1st. It is the February Funk. Sitting in your desk…

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Broseph, Bromance, And Other Dudeisms


Guys have a bond that women will never understand. It's a guy thing. We have our own language, sometimes complete with only grunts and an…

Business, Money

Lessons From The Road


The road can take a lot out of a man. I remember my first business trip. It was my first job, working for a bank…

Dating & Relationships, Sex

Fights Worth Fighting


Somethings just aren't worth fighting about. Welcome to the Octagon. No, we aren't talking about the UFC. However, in this ring it gets equally brutal.…