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Men and Church – Part 1


Who’s’ work has higher status, yours or the preachers? Sherman and Hendricks well described the significance of every man’s work in their seminal book, “Your…


Noble or Knucklehead?


I don’t think a man plans to be a knucklehead, however many a man will become just that. For example the following two stories took…

Doctrine & Theology

The Need for Life Giving Truth


On July 4, 1776 America became independent of British rule. Two hundred, thirty-nine years later and we’re still celebrating our Independence …what a country! Although…

Leadership Training

A Plan of Attack


Do you have a plan for the new year? Life can get so busy that we often get stuck in the same patterns and routine.…


What is Christmas For?


What is Christmas for? “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which…

The Gospel

Prayer for Master’s Men India


Unprecedented Flooding in Chennia India Takes Its Toll A HEARTBREAKING STORY – HOWEVER A STORY CAN CHANGE OVER TIME – READ ON From October through early December…


We Give Thanks


I love thanksgiving. It’s the simple holiday, the humble holiday, the hangout and relax holiday. Thanksgiving, as history informs us, was begun by our forebears;…

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Father’s Day – Where Did This Day Come From?


The History of Father's Day   Officially, “Father’s Day” was established as a permanent national holiday by President Richard Nixon, in 1972; though several presidents…


From Drought to Floods


Dallas Morning News HEADLINES: May 30, 2015 UNDER WATER: “North Texans wake up to flooded homes and waterlogged roads after a night of punishing storms.…

Faith & Culture

How Impressed With Jesus Are You?


Would you use the following words to describe Christian men, in America; “Spectators, consumers, celebrity oriented, lazy, passivity, bored, lethargic; disconnected”? Howard Hendricks often said…