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Is God In Control?


The headlines from April 28, 2011 read: ”Southern Storms’ Death Toll Tops 200”, “Dozens of Tornadoes Ravage 5 Southern States”, “U.S. Economy Weakens as Jobless…

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Giving Is Good


Giving is a good thing. When Ian Hodder of MSN wrote an article on giving, entitled “Feels so good”, he immediately got my attention by…

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Sex Help


First off, welcome to the Masters Men website! We are here to help you find freedom from your addictions. The best place for you to…

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Sex And Success


Two of the top five desires of most men are sex and success, it's in our DNA. I am confident that 99% of the men…

God, Jesus, The Gospel

Empty Cross, Empty Grave


There is no person that has ever walked the Earth like Jesus. He claimed to be God, He was God, and He is God. Now…

God, The Gospel

Overcoming Mediocrity


Mediocrity is a choice When we choose pride, we choose mediocrity. When we control things, we choose mediocrity. When we fail to trust God, we…

Marriage & Family, Sex

Why People Get Married


While there are many ways to answer this question, most of them come down to something I once heard Larry Crabb say in a conference.…

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Investment Insight


Invest, and live without fear. Lately there has been a great deal discussion about the economy, the financial well-being of our democracy, equity markets; concerns…


The Real Cinderella Story


Few sporting events match the excitement and passion of the annual NCAA mens basketball tournament. It is win or go home. No questions. You have…