August 30, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

What is better to come in the immediate context of our lives? For starters, if you live in Texas you probably are hoping for a break from the relentless summer heat and no month better displays the extremes of summer than August. But let’s get real for a second, fall is upon us and with each fall comes a new football season. Fire up the grill, open up your home, invite your neighbors and friends over, and watch your favorite teams play a great game!

August and September always bring back memories of being a player at Baylor and how we dreaded August and longed for September and truthfully nothing has changed in life now. In college we started two-a-days at the beginning of August and looked forward to practicing just once a day toward the end of the month. A quick glimpse into a day in early August: wake up 6am, film 6:30, 8-10 practice (trying to beat the heat we practiced during the most humid part of the day with little wind), a post practice ice bath or I couldn’t hardly run in the afternoon, more film, lunch and short nap, more film, practice, ice baths, and film (again!). You could rush home from the stadium and fall asleep immediately and still not get enough to recover! This was a character building process, I sometimes wonder if it even helped our football skills at all! After that look into our day you can see why we longed so deeply for September. The games started, school gave us a break from film and practice, and the cooler weather began to roll in to Texas.

This reminds me, on a micro level, of the reality of our life and the better things to come for those that have put their faith in Christ. The good news of the gospel is that sometime soon all the pain, suffering, tears, angst, and sorrow will be transformed into joy and delight…. Seems like being in two-a-days waiting for September, the better things to come!

– Article contributed by Lanny O’Steen, Director of Young Men’s Teams for the Master’s Men ministry.