We are very thankful for our board members. They are a group of men that are dedicated to following the Lord and reaching men for Christ, and they help keep us on track with our mission and vision.

Board Of Directors

Richard Dobrey – President / Eagle Express
Steve Gohn – Partner / Huselton, Morgan and Maultsby, P.C.
Gene Wooldridge – Owner / Red River Harley Davidson
Dirk Hansen – Executive Vice President / Sleeper Sewell Insurance Services Inc.
Hunter Dehn – President / Hunter Dehn Group
Jason Ratzlaff – President REV Investments Inc.

Board Of Advisers

Roy Stacy – General Counsel
Lindsey Spaethe – President / Spaethe Advisors

Board Of Reference

Dr. Joe White – President / Kanakuk Kamps

It is thrilling for me to speak candidly on behalf of Jim Coté and his ministry, Master’s Men. I have personally experienced Jim’s ministry and have watched not only in the one-on-one setting, but also have appreciated his teaching in this world where “the real thing”, “real men” etc are slogans, but in reality so very hard to find. I am thankful for men like Jim who truly walk in integrity. The proof is in his children. I helped raise his children, and they have his trademark.

Howard G. Hendricks – Chairman / Center for Christian Leadership Dallas Theological Seminary

The Master’s Men ministry provides an excellent format for men to get together and discuss men’s issues in the context of a supportive community seeking honest and Biblical solutions. I think this approach goes a long way toward developing men of integrity and authenticity. I am bullish on Master’s Men.

Dick Abel – Brigadier General USAF (Ret.) / Executive Director Military Ministry

I am honored to be a part of your reference group. I am happy to be a player with you. You’re a special kind of man and I appreciate all that you’re doing.

Upcoming Events

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