February 14, 2011

I have good friend who has spent the bulk of his career in the tool business.

I have been extremely blessed because of his generosity. Thanks to John, I own more tools than I probably know how to use! Years ago, John helped me (more accurately taught me to) build a deck on my house. We put together the materials list and made sure we had the tools we needed. Periodically, I would comment that something didn’t look quite right and he would quickly remind me that we weren’t “building a piano”! It was true, we weren’t building a piano, but John always made sure we were using the right tools for the job. Levels, circular saw, chop saw, drill, nail gun, board bender, the list goes on. There’s something about using the right tools that make a job go smoother and the end product come out the way you really want it.

But every now and then, we just don’t have the time or don’t want to take the time to get the right tool. We’ve all done it. It seems to be the way we operate sometimes. Admit it, you have used:

  1. a screw driver as a chisel.
  2. a kitchen knife as a screw driver.
  3. a REALLY big hammer to hang a picture.
  4. a screw driver to take off an oil filter. (that actually works…just messy).
  5. a hacksaw to cut a board.
  6. a baseball bat to catch a mouse in the kitchen (ok, that one was probably just me…let’s just say the results weren’t what I was hoping for).

So what’s the common theme with these substitutes? Rather than using the right tool, we end up using something that is either inadequate for the job or overkill! Which means the job ends up being harder than it needed to be, there is some other collateral damage after the fact, or it just doesn’t work at all and you end up having to get the right tool anyway! More wasted time.

As husbands and fathers we can do the same thing. God has uniquely created and designed us to do a job that nothing and no one else can do. Simply put, no one else can be the husband to your wife (Ephesians 5:25) and no one else can be the father to your children (Ephesians 6:4). There are ample opportunities for a man to either permit a poor substitute to take his place or to passively allow the job of husband or father to just happen.

When it comes to being a husband and father we ARE “building a piano” and we are God’s chosen tool for the job!

– Article contributed by Daryl Barker, Director of Master’s Men International.