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"And she conceived and gave birth...."Genesis 4:1, "And she gave birth..." Revelation 12:5 Musings: I am having a birthday this week. I've had a quite…

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Men and Church – Part 1


Who’s’ work has higher status, yours or the preachers? Sherman and Hendricks well described the significance of every man’s work in their seminal book, “Your…

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The Need for Life Giving Truth


On July 4, 1776 America became independent of British rule. Two hundred, thirty-nine years later and we’re still celebrating our Independence …what a country! Although…

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The End Times – Part 2


Continued... Christians, are not going to be judged (recipients of God’s wrath; 1 Thessalonians 5:9) along with the “world” of non-believers. Instead, we receive our…

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The End Times – Part 1


I was asked, the other day, by a reasonable yet concerned Christian, whether “we believers would go into the “Tribulation”, that there might not be…