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Gone Fishin’


Some of my best days have been fishing. I grew up fishing and one thing I especially like about fishing is that it is an…

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"But that the works of God should be revealed in him." - John 9:3 Potential, Jesus always seemed to see it in others. How bout…

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A New Message for a New Generation


Paul's Missionary Journeys Are Riveting. Talk about an adventure. He never went anywhere and returned without encountering a host of challenges - weather, people, governing…

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Keeping Your Word


“It is better to not vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.” - Ecclesiastes 5:5 How many people do you know really…

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Don’t Give Up


Perseverance is not a very romantic concept. It isn’t sexy or popular and is never very exciting. It has a very limited shelf life for most…

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A Thing Of Beauty


Men appreciate beauty. Beauty in a woman, beauty in a sports car. Men are known for their eyes being captivated by things of beauty. Why…

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Empty Cross, Empty Grave


There is no person that has ever walked the Earth like Jesus. He claimed to be God, He was God, and He is God. Now…

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The Voice Of Strong Men


I was asked a probing question last week. Where is the voice of strong men? What the man was asking is simply this, 'Why aren’t…