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Is God In Control?


The headlines from April 28, 2011 read: ”Southern Storms’ Death Toll Tops 200”, “Dozens of Tornadoes Ravage 5 Southern States”, “U.S. Economy Weakens as Jobless…

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Empty Cross, Empty Grave


There is no person that has ever walked the Earth like Jesus. He claimed to be God, He was God, and He is God. Now…

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Overcoming Mediocrity


Mediocrity is a choice When we choose pride, we choose mediocrity. When we control things, we choose mediocrity. When we fail to trust God, we…

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The Peace Of Jerusalem


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love you.” - Psalm 122:6 Recent events in the Middle East are threatening the long…

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Trusting God


Been thinking about... The fact that I often find it hard to trust God. Where makes it so difficult? Is it the fact that I…

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Building Pianos


I have good friend who has spent the bulk of his career in the tool business. I have been extremely blessed because of his generosity.…

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The Voice Of Strong Men


I was asked a probing question last week. Where is the voice of strong men? What the man was asking is simply this, 'Why aren’t…