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Forward Looking And Progress Oriented


Billionaire Sam Wyly, made the, above, “headline” comment, about himself in his autobiography; Sam Wyly…“1000 Dollars and an Idea”. Sam, as a successful entrepreneur –…

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Here Is An Academic But Important Question… Have you heard of any of these men and their land mark writings which expose their economic theories?…

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The Spirit Of Christmas


Sometimes children teach us the most. I was walking into Walmart today for a few last minute items and as I approached the door I…

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Dollars And Sense // Part 3 – Budgeting


Why is a budget important? We often think of a budget as something we sit down and work on to find out we can’t live…

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Dollars And Sense // Part 2 – Goal Setting


What are your financial goals? A strategic plan will help you get there. Seeing that God holds us accountable for how we use His money,…

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Dollars And Sense


Where are the dollars and sense? It’s astounding that on August 1, 2011 our government had run up a debt of roughly 14.3 Trillion Dollars.…

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Giving Is Good


Giving is a good thing. When Ian Hodder of MSN wrote an article on giving, entitled “Feels so good”, he immediately got my attention by…

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Investment Insight


Invest, and live without fear. Lately there has been a great deal discussion about the economy, the financial well-being of our democracy, equity markets; concerns…

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Cowboys Vs. Cubicles


The real world can be a rude awakening. The alarm is going off. You wake up, put two feet on the cold floor of the…

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Staycation Nation


In this economy, not everyone can afford to travel to exotic places. I hear a lot about "Staycations", and as the price of gas climbs…