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Don’t Pull That Trigger


There are a lot of views on the meaning and application of the Second Amendment. The one that guarantees or allows the common citizen to…

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Coaching From The Sidelines


Are You Ready For Some Football?! This time of year, most men answer this question with an excited “yes” as they raise their buffalo wing…

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Face To Face


Most of us love the outdoors Whether it is golf, fishing, hunting, camping or racing... men love to be in motion. One of my most…

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Watching Or Playing?


Living in Dallas is awesome if you are a sports nut! Texas High School football is hard to beat and college sports of all types…

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Weed Eating


You have to fight for a weed-free lawn. In many circles, especially with guys, crabgrass is a four letter word. Just think about how we…

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Better Things To Come


Are you ready for some football? What is better to come in the immediate context of our lives? For starters, if you live in Texas…

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The Finish Line


I ran cross country in high school and college. Our coach at Murphy High in Mobile was the legendary Fred Carley. He was a SEC…

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A Better Return


Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is extremely relevant to our day. "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person…




How often have you wanted to share your faith and simply froze up or chickened out? To one degree or another, we all have. I…