February 21, 2015

“We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” – Colossians 1:28

This year the Master’s Men marks its 15th year of ministry. I don’t know how important that may be to anybody but to me it’s huge. I am incredibly thankful that God has allowed us to operate for these many years. And that is especially so given the fact that when we started, there wasn’t really anything like this on the ministry scene.

Here are some memorable markers for how it started and how it’s progressed.

Leading up to the start…

1996 – The concept of targeting men for Christ, with Christian men engaged in small groups, “teams” is launched, in Dallas, as a men’s outreach experiment. It works.
1998 – Bill Hendricks and I collaborate on my first book “On the road again” which is oriented to help men, business travelers, strengthen their marriage and family despite the rigors of travel absence.
1998 – NASCAR race shop chaplaincy is started at Dale Earnhardt shop – “The Garage Mahal”.
1999 – Another prototype Master’s Men team is started in Charlotte NC and in the Busch series I NASCAR. They both succeed.

Formal beginnings…

2000  –  Master’s Men is formally chartered with the help of Richard Dobrey, Steve Gohn, Dirk Hansen, J/. H. Snow and Gene Wooldridge in Dallas, TX.
2000 – My second book, “Man of Influence” is published by InterVarsity Press, which we use to help launch the ministry.
2001  –  The NASCAR Race shop ministry expands in Charlotte. Tim Chastain joins the Master’s Men in Dallas and soon takes over the responsibility of leading our teams, growth, nationwide.
2002  –  Our first website is launched, helping us grow our “teams” footprint beyond Dallas.
2003  –  New teams begin in Charlotte and California.
2004  –  New marketing campaign launched, pushing both the brand and our growth.
2005  –  Increased growth in NASCAR, ARCA and Power Boats. We launch the Master’s Men Racing site to support this growing division of our ministry.
2006  –  Daryl Barker joins the Master’s Men and soon takes over the responsibility of managing our growing Race ministry. Ken Sheppard joins the Master’s Men and begins to help us with mentoring men. Also, our publishing arm Washbasin is birthed to enable us to publish, print and provide solid biblically based material for men to our team members
2007  –  Social media and online emphasis at forefront of growth strategy.
2008  –  Master’s Men grows during Great Recession, by means of our online and social media presence. Our constituency base quadruples.
2010 – Master’s Men International is birthed in Africa.
2011 – Leonard Chumo becomes the MM “Affiliate” Director of Africa.
2012 – Masters Men starts in Nepal and we begin to work in Russia with Yura.
2013 – We reorganize moving Tim Chastain to VP International and Teams and Daryl Barker to VP Racing. We also formally recognize new teams as “Chapters” in Colorado, California and North Carolina. Caleb Higgins joins us as the Chaplain to the ARCA series.
2014 – We launch the New and improved main MM website and establish Russia as an Affiliate as well as open Norway as a ministry target. Ben Haralson joins us as the Director for North Texas.
2015 – We celebrate our 15th year by holding our first every MM Conference this August at Kamp Kivu – it’s August 21-23, in Durango, CO.

CONCLUSION: From our charter year in 2000, we at the Master’s Men ministry have been operating as per the original “call” till now, as we enter our 15th year. It was only me, then, but it includes men, globally now. It’s been a great experience and one meant only to fulfill our part of His great commission and to bring glory to Jesus name.

I hope you’ll peruse our web site to see all that God has done in these 15 years to expand His reach to men. May He, indeed, receive all the glory.

Jim Coté
Founder & President