Mission of MMA

The mission of Master’s Men Africa is to mobilize Christian men to reach out to other men in their spheres of influence with the Gospel of Christ through opportunities that make men easily reachable such as business, sports and recreational retreats and thereby bring holistic transformation in our families and communities.

The Progress and Impact

Master’s Men Africa mobilizes men into fellowships called Chapters that are situated in close proximities to where the men come from. The chapters meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis to study the bible together and pray for one another. We encourage men to branch out after a while in order to reach out to other areas. Through our Leadership and Discipleship program that is convened on monthly, we challenge men to evangelize and equip trainees with tools and skills to effectively reach out and lead teams. We currently have two cohorts of trainees taking sessions. MMA hosts annual business conferences not only to empower entrepreneurs with business management skills but also as an opportunity to minister to men who would otherwise not be reached with the gospel in church events. MMA is also implementing its flagship poultry business project whose aim is to generate income to advance the ministry objectives, create employment and income for members and society. Other activities we engage in include retreats, couples’ seminars and missions.

One of the greatest results of our ministry is to see men engaged in their local churches and maintain an accountability fellowship where they are aware they are not on their own. Men feel a sense of greater belonging and are excited that ministry to men can be done contrary to what our culture has made us to believe. Just but to point a few of the areas where we have seen God helping us more through the ministry, the men involved in the ministry have increased their engagement with their local churches. Men have shared their testimonies on how being part of the ministry has helped them be intentional in bringing up their families knowing that their families are their first calling and a vehicle through which God will reach to our society. The chapter fellowship has become platforms for men to give their lives to Christ fully by denouncing their secret sins and growing in Christ. We have been able to create one full time and two part time jobs through our poultry business.

MMA Team

James Wanjiru

James works at Hope and Light for Children with Disabilities situated in the heart of Korogocho slum, home to 150,000 to 200,000 people pressed into 1.5 square kilometres, northeast of the city centre. The name Korogocho is a Swahili term meaning crowded shoulder-to-shoulder indicating how densely populated this neighborhood is. James is the first in MMA to lead a new branch of MMA chapter in Nairobi formed out of the original team of men meeting at the Central Business District.

With ambition in Kenya’s political career, James testifies of his growth in faith due to affiliation with MMA. “ I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for God bringing Leonard and MMA my way. I have grown in my faith and desire to evangelize. My management and leadership capabilities have been sharpened greatly. I was motivated to pursue my studies in community development in order to serve and mentor children with disabilities where I am called to serve. In our fellowship we learn to be constantly aware that we are minsters wherever we are in our businesses or jobs”. Brought up by a single mother, James is determined to be an example to young men in Korogocho to be responsible men in their families and stand up for justice.

Christopher Opondo

Chris, is a father of 5 and resides in Kibera, Nairobi where he pastors a church. He is among the oldest serving members of MMA. He earns a living working for a community dispensary owned by a church. “ I am the greatest beneficiary of MMA. I have been strengthened and encouraged by brotherly fellowship of men at MMA. I enjoyed their support when my son was diagnosed with cancer and all through the treatment period they were there for me both in prayer and financially”, say Christopher. Because of the teachings in MMA and the MMA leadership program, which he undertook for one year, Chris says he has sharpened his church leadership skills and as a result encouraged the church members to join hands in changing their community. Christopher is one of the men who have always been available to serve in any capacity at MMA. He has also introduced his son, Wycliffe, to MMA who is undergoing a one-year MMA discipleship and leadership course. Wycliffe is already putting together young men in Kibera with MMA’s assistance to start a chapter in the coming days.

Martin Riri

Martin is an upcoming social entrepreneur with interest in property and upholstery. He joined MMA over 3 years ago and has remained an avid contributor to the course and mission of MMA. In a recorded interview, Martin simply says: “my life has literally changed. I have been molded and eternally shaped in the way I look at ministry. The opportunity to serve as a leader at MMA has given me insight and catapulted my calling to serve both men and community. Doing things together has built me and I appreciate the opportunity to serve”. Martin remains an example of the opportunity that exists to reach out and serve men in the market place.

Thank You

From all of us at Master’s Men Africa, we are grateful to our friends and partners who support us in prayer, giving and for mission trips to serve with us. As we move forward, we have calls to expand to the greater East Africa and beyond and hence covet your prayers and continued.

Leonard Chumo Falex

Leonard Chumo Falex

Leonard Chumo Falex is the Director for Master’s Men Africa. Leonard is married to Diana and blessed with a boy Eden. They live and work in Nairobi. Having worked in the NGO sector, microfinance and banking for a number of years, Leonard sensed God calling him to lead ministry to men in the market place. His passion for ministry to men was firmed up after informally meeting the Master’s Men leadership back in early 2011. He is a businessman and a leadership coach.