Mission of MMN

The mission of the MMN is to develop Master’s Men teams locally and nationally. Masters men Norway aim to inspire and lead men’s ministry in Norway. We want to help bring men closer to our Lord Jesus Christ through our work, prayer and fellowship.

The Progress and Impact

We are in the starting phase of our work. Today we have 6 members and about 4 show up to our meetings. Our group meetings often center around doing something together; like building and fixing stuff for the congregations locally. We also like to go fishing and on trips into our beautiful, Nordic, natural surroundings.

This summer we plan on fishing trips and in the fall we will go hunting. A couple of times this winter we have gone on small expeditions to a Christian camp resort that is largely snowed in at winter. Some of the pictures are from those trips. 

We are working towards making the Masters Men’s teams spread throughout the church of Norway and other denominations here. Towards that end I am working with different people in my network. I am in the process of translating the MM- method (M3) into Norwegian.

The men of our local group have all said that the fellowship time with other Christian men is a blessing in their lives. I think it is because in Norwegian culture it is considered too personal to talk about faith, it is almost considered to be intimate. That is why men here are often alone with their faith. Our fellowship in Christ is an oasis.

Arne Skare

Arne Skare

My name is Arne Skare and I am a Lutheran Priest in one of the largest municipalities in Finnmark. That municipality is the largest in square miles. My area of responsibility is 1881 sq. mi with approximately 3500 parishioners. I live in Lakselv; a town north of the Arctic circle. I am married and have 3 children. I consider myself a conservative preacher and priest. For about 10 years now I have been active with men’s ministry.