April 8, 2013

Your decisions affect others.

And like dominoes, one decision can start a chain reaction of cause and effect creating momentum until all pieces have been knocked down. Although we may not realize it immediately, or we may never see the full effect of our decisions on this side of heaven, the reality is that there is a consequence to every decision we make.

When I think of those who are highly responsible for others and how their decisions affect others, I think of leaders. And when I think of the Bible and notable leaders who had to make a bunch of important decisions, I think of King David.

David was a “man after Gods own heart” and his leadership demonstrated it (ref. Acts 13:22, 1 Samuel 13:13). And because of it, God blessed the entire nation of Israel while David led. One of David’s first really good decisions as a young leader was when he faced Goliath. He had the courage to stand up and fight when everyone else was backing down. He even made good decisions regarding his armor, or lack thereof, and weapon of choice (ref. 1 Samuel 17:38-40). Because of these decisions, the enemy was slain and Israel had conquered a huge threat to the nations peaceful existence.

David made other great decisions while he was waiting to be crowned King (as promised by God through his prophet Samuel). David had multiple chances to slay Saul, the current King whom God was displeased with, and start his rule early (ref. 1 Samuel 26). Instead, David decided to spare Saul, and in while doing that, built the trust and loyalty of many men who would stand by his side during his prosperous reign as King of Israel.

Good decision.

On the contrary, David also made a few really bad decisions that not only affected his own life, but were also detrimental to the entire nation of Israel. Way before David’s time a man name Abraham existed. God promised Abraham that all the nations would be blessed through him and that his offspring would be as innumerable as the stars and even if you tried, you would not be able to count them (ref. Genesis 15).

Now fast-forward to David’s time while he was living during the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. God had now blessed Israel with a multitude of people and David wanted to put a number on them. So, he called for a census and sent Joab, his top military leader, to count everyone (ref. 2 Samuel 24). God was extremely displeased with David’s decision and consequently, punished him. David had three forms of punishment to choose from and chose 3 days in the hands of the Lord. God then sent a plague on Israel and started wiping them out one by one.

Bad Decision.

In all of these decisions that David made, they had some direct impact on those around him, namely the people of Israel. It is the same principal with us. Your decisions directly influence those around you. Now, we all make mistakes and we all will make bad decisions from time to time but “though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” (Proverbs 24:16). Carry on in Gods grace and make the best decisions you possibly can while trying to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.