December 14, 2010

Somethings just aren’t worth fighting about.

Welcome to the Octagon. No, we aren’t talking about the UFC. However, in this ring it gets equally brutal. The stakes are high and the egos are large… large enough to make Muhammed Ali look like Gandhi!

Welcome to the hallowed battle field of marriage.

Even if you aren’t married, if you have been dating or committed to someone for any length of time you have had an argument. Some people argue more than others but in the end, most arguments aren’t worth it. Although not all confrontation is wrong or bad, constant confrontation is and it can reveal some unhealthy characteristics in your behavior. You have to pick and choose your battles. Which hill will you die on? Not every one can be Custer’s Last Stand.

Containing the source may be as easy as a self evaluation. What makes you tick? How do you respond or react?

The hardest part is doing something about it.

As people we don’t like change. I just got married a few months ago. We are in the ‘newlywed’ season but in reality it takes a lot of adjustment. I was single for 28 years, and 28 years of selfishness doesn’t just go away over night!

The other day my wife and I had a conversation about what it would take for our marriage to not just survive, but to flourish and be an example for others. We both agreed that we have to admit we are flawed sinners and take the necessary steps to change. We have to allow Christ to change us, seek that out, and surrender to His Word and His will. And, as the spiritual leader it is my responsibility to lead us through that by example.

Everyone has issues.

Yes, that means you.

Change starts in the mirror. The path to a more peaceful self, home, and more peaceful life is becoming more like Christ. Again… easier said then done. But as we surrender more of our lives to Christ He is allowed to take over and transform our rough spots into a personality more like His own.

– Article contributed by Matt Cote.