May 3, 2011

The headlines from April 28, 2011 read: ”Southern Storms’ Death Toll Tops 200”, “Dozens of Tornadoes Ravage 5 Southern States”, “U.S. Economy Weakens as Jobless Claims Rise, “More than a Dozen Killed in Morocco Café Bombing.” There is seldom a day that goes by in which just reading the headlines won’t make one wonder: “Is God really in control?” Headlines are typically depressing and in a world where bad things happen daily, the circumstances will often shake us to the core!

How in the world would a loving God allow such terrible and evil things to take place? In her book, Creed or Chaos? Dorthy Sayers provided perspective for what takes place all around us on this earth. “For whatever reason God chose to make man as he is (in His image with the freedom to choose), limited and suffering and subject to sorrow and death, He had the honesty and the courage to take His own medicine. He has kept His own rules and played fair. He can exact nothing from man that He has not exacted from Himself. He has Himself gone through the whole human experience, from trivial irritations of family life and the cramping restrictions of hard work and lack of money to the worst horrors of pain and humiliation, defeat, despair and death. When He was a man, He played the man. He was born in poverty and died in disgrace and thought it well worth while.”

There is much suffering in our world …pray for those who have lost loved ones and have had their lives turned upside down through the storms that ravaged the 5 states as well as those in other parts of our world that experience suffering daily on a variety of fronts.

To be honest I find myself digging in deeper every time I hear of suffering, loss and such terrible events that were in the April 28th headlines. Why? Because on this earth suffering and loss is what we get and without the right perspective that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ there is no hope!

He is the One, He is everything and it is through our relationship with Him that we have hope and proper perspective!

— Article contributed by Tim Chastain, Director of Men’s Teams for the Master’s Men ministry.