A Guide To Discipleship And Outreach


What Is M3?

M3 (Master’s Men Method) was created in 2009 as an answer to the need for a resource that could be easily used by men’s small groups worldwide. Something that could be translated and used to disciple men in the ways of Jesus Christ, and lay a framework for outreach and discipleship. The vision was put together and launched at Catalyst 2009 in Atlanta, GA. Today, this resource is our cornerstone training manual. It puts a men’s small group through a 6 week study of the ministry of Jesus and prepares them for the FOCUS Online Study System. They continue through our online curriculum as they plan their outreach events.

Who Is M3 For?

The model is simple and can be duplicated world wide. M3 is a great resource for a church start up, a smaller church with no men’s ministry, or a group of men who meet for discipleship and are looking for curriculum. It is also perfect for a lay leader to facilitate men’s ministry in a church or off site setting. Coupled with the FOCUS Online Study System a church of any size can start an effective men’s ministry.

Why Use M3?

M3 is about outreach. The objective is to get men not only engaged in discipleship, but to have them actively reaching men in their community with the Gospel. The M3 program has men hold an annual outreach event in their community which concludes with an invite to church, or a gospel presentation tailored to the men in their audience.

 Where Is M3 Being Used?

M3 is being used primarily in churches and small groups in America, but since 2010 we have expanded the reach of the ministry internationally.

M3 is now being used in Africa, Russia, Norway, SE India and Nepal. Several contacts from a number of other countries have expressed interest and a handful of those contacts have received the the M3 Booklet (via email attachment), however these are not Master’s Men affiliates at this point and time. The first Master’s Men International – Men’s Conference was in 2010 in Kenya followed by two more in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 we traveled to Norway to conduct training with men from Russia and Norway and in March 2015 we will be in the city of Chennai SE India to help launch a number of Master’s Men Teams.

If you are a missionary we would love to talk with you. We have found that the international mission field is great territory for men’s ministry. We believe M3 could be a valuable resource to your men’s ministry.

How Can I Get Started?

Join a team, start a team, or use M3 in your existing men’s Bible study. We are here to be a resource for you. Follow the links below find a Master’s Men team, to start a Master’s Men team or to purchase M3 for your men’s group.

Purchase M3

Interested in using the M3 model? Snag a copy for you and your men and start incorporating the model into your group today.

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