August 22, 2017

Answering God’s Call for Kenya & Africa

We feel a deep call to evangelize and disciple men to Christ by living lives daily transformed by Christ’s saving power at home, in the church and in the market place. The lifelong meaningful relationships between men who acknowledge their deep-seated emptiness that can only be filled by eternal love and the call to live in a growing community of believers is what we strive to cultivate. 

This we are persuaded will meet the current needs in the nations we are targeting starting from Kenya in the following ways:

Raising a generation of new Christ-like leaders

One life at a time, we see ourselves being used by God not only to be accountable to one another in our walk with Christ but also to become aware that we have a role to infiltrate every sphere of life and light a candle in the darkness. Business, politics, education, sports etc. are some of the opportunities for us to influence the rise of Christian leaders who can proclaim Him without fear. These are also the areas where sustainable and progressive African communities are anchored. If we are going to fight the basic problems of diseases, illiteracy and poverty and win, then the God-formula is the only formula. Godliness in leadership.

Creation of new, decent and permanent jobs

We are faced with a daunting challenge – unemployment is growing. Over 50 thousand new graduates come out of universities in most African nations and only about 5 thousands new permanent jobs are created yearly. Our education system isn’t doing much empowering the next generation to be job creators.  Many men are leaving the call to feed their families and churches cannot keep up with the growing needs of these neglected families. We see this as a problem to solve and bring glory to God. After all, unemployment isn’t really the problem…it is a broken relationship between man and God that needs to be restored. At Master’s Men we acknowledge that spiritual needs are affected by physical needs and vice versa and we are called to minister to the physical needs of those we serve. By implementing business models that are ethical, environmentally friendly and run with excellence of service, we turn every ordinary opportunity into a potential platform in which to minister grace and God’s plan for mankind. This, we believe, is a way of creating a sustainable system for the whole community including the church and mission work.

Eliminating corruption

We have the power to transform communities. Our dream is to create a movement of whole rounded influencers anchored in the Word of God everywhere we are. Corruption is eating our continent fast. Inequalities are rising. Ethnic animosity is rising. Unemployment, lack of basic amenities and increased national debt are just but a few vices born out of the killer disease of corruption. If our countries were as Christian as they claim, we would “do to others, as we would have them do to us”. Corruption would not be as esteemed and pursued as it is today if we emulated Christ in the market place. It is not going to be easy, but we know God is with us. Through Master’s Men Africa we are offering an alternative. The assurance that there is enough for all and our God holds the future in His hands.

And we are open to adopt God’s strategy even when it doesn’t look popular today.

Leonard Chuomo

Master’s Men Director – Africa