If a church is a house then we are the garage. A place where men can be men. Where guy talk becomes God talk. Where they can say what they need to say without being judged. Where they can be what God created them to be, finding the fullness of their potential in Christ.

Mission Statement

Our mission: We reach men in order to develop a team of Christian brothers who work together to disciple men toward maturity in Christ, enabling each man to succeed in his mission for Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13).

“The focus is simple: we seek to inspire men to be real men as they follow the greatest man, Jesus Christ.” – Jim Coté


We reach unchurched men through Christian men using what is relevant to the men around them. Business, sports etc.

The Team Concept – We do our ministry through missional small groups called teams. Our teams are men’s small groups that are outreach minded. We put men through a program called M3, a 6 week study of the life and ministry of Jesus that teaches discipleship and His method of ministry. After the program a team does an outreach event where they use a platform that men enjoy (such as football, motorcycles, hunting etc) to engage their friends and invite them to their team and to their local church.

Based on the concept of chaplaincy, we take men who are leaders and train them to be on mission. Men who will engage their workplace, friends and community with the gospel using what is relevant to the men around them.

We exist in partnership with the local church to reach men in the community and help aid in the discipleship efforts of men through ongoing curriculum.


Master’s Men teams are not only about equipping. Although an integral part of the ministry, the fundamental mission of a team is to reach unbelieving men around them with the Gospel. We believe that if we learn and do not put into practice what we have learned, we have failed.

Our sole purpose is to train and disciple men, so they go and do the same. We want the result of work to be seen in our men reaching other men for Christ.

This takes time, and it takes a plan to get men focused on their objective. We get men focused through a team environment.

We are a network of teams. To learn more about our teams, click the link below.


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