November 8, 2017

Focus on Jesus and His presence, you will find the rest and peace you need.

Our world is getting crazier by the day.

Technology and the pace of life have pushed people to the brink. Many are having to run a side hustle just to get by. Traffic is more intense, political fighting is raging in Washington and abroad, it feels as though the Spirit of God is withdrawing.

But God’s Word says the He is near to those who call on Him.

I can’t help but think of the difference between the young David and King Saul. In 1 Samuel 16 the Spirit of the Lord had left Saul and as a result Saul became oppressed spiritually. Saul’s officials suggested he find someone to play the lyre.

They did just that and chose the son of Jesse, David, a young man that was courageous, a warrior and also a musician with a heart for the Lord.

There is power in music.

Maybe you have heard a song recently that is from the ‘good ole days’, a song that brings you back to a simpler and sweeter time. But even more powerful is the praise and worship of God.

When David began to play the lyre the evil spirit sent by God would leave Saul.

It is less about the music itself and more about the presence of God which inhabits the praises of His people. The praise of Jesus draws us into His presence and in the presence of God evil and darkness can not exist, it must flee.

It is because of this that the presence of God is like an oasis in a desert, a place of rest and solitude, where still waters and green pastures minister to the soul, as David wrote in his famous Psalm.

– How are you doing spiritually?
– Do you feel oppressed by the weight and stress of the world?
– Are you pressing into God and asking Him for strength?

It is easy in this fast paced world to default to relying on our own strength but we can not do it in our own strength. Before long you will find yourself tired, even exhausted, searching for rest for your soul. It is the type of rest a vacation can not fix.

But there is good news, Jesus is there to carry that burden for you and you can lay it down at His feet.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

– Guest post by Matt Cote.