April 21, 2011

First off, welcome to the Masters Men website!

We are here to help you find freedom from your addictions. The best place for you to find counseling and community is at a local church. But, we wanted to give you a couple resources that will help you get started.

Sexual sin is a struggle for ALL men, whether heterosexual/homosexual sex or porn addiction, all men will wrestle with lust. The good news is that we can overcome the lust of our flesh by God’s power. Yes it is possible. I wrestled with porn addiction for years, and I can say freedom is there for you if you want it.

If you struggle with porn addiction, these are some great resources that will help you stop online viewing. And in the long run, these will help you train your body to overcome the physical addiction.

If you struggle with same sex attraction, Exodus International is one way for you to find counseling in your area. We suggest contacting a local church in your area for other options.

Stay tuned at mastersmen.com for more articles from real men, about real struggles, and real life VICTORY! We are pulling for you and we know that God has a healthy and rewarding future ahead of you, if you choose to follow Him.

– Article contributed by Matt Cote.