June 10, 2013

It’s June and I am itching to go surfing. I also have an old classic Beach Boys song ringing in my ear; “catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world”.

Growing up in California, and having the Pacific Ocean at my “doorstep, gave me the privilege of never having to think about “surf” season. We went whenever it was good – swell up, wind down, everyone else in school or at work. Temperature didn’t matter, we had wet suits.

Always there was one point. We wanted the best waves and the best conditions. That meant no wind and no crowd.

That was years ago. Now the surf culture in California is such that when it’s good, everyone cuts school, takes a “personal” day from work or simply calls in sick. As a result, it’s always crowded. And that proves one thing, surfing is an awesome way to spend a day – you and the waves, you and your friends. It is a great sport.

But, alas, now I live in Texas. Yea, it’s a state with a coast line, but no waves. Therefore, I scratch my itch until summer, when we make our annual trip, to see family, in my old home state.  Now you know why I am itching to go surfing – wind, crowds, shore break and all, I don’t care about “conditions” anymore. I can’t afford to. I simply want to catch a wave and feel that feeling – of sitting on top of the world.

On the other hand, fortunate for me – and you – I can have the feeling right here in Texas too. I have found that I can have exhilarating feelings of joy and accomplishment through a variety of other, non-surfing things. And that has taught me two valuable life lessons.

The first is, God is so good to me that he has provided an abundance, a variety of greatest experiences within His creation. Some of those thrilling experiences come from activities, some from relationships, some from accomplishments and some from simply enjoying what I see, feel, think and do on a day to day basis. I have to admit that Christ was not kidding when he said that… “He has come that we might have life and have it in abundance” (John 10:10).

And that leads to the second lesson. The best feeling I know is knowing that an all-powerful, holy, and just God loves me and has initiated a relationship with me through his Son, Jesus, who has promised that abundant life to all those who believe in Him. To believe that Christ lived is one level of belief – kind of a intellectual, historical belief. To believe that’s Jesus is the only Son of God is another level of believe, kind of a theological, metaphysical awareness. But to step up your sense of faith to believe that Jesus died as a penalty for my sins, our sins, that He was buried as proof of His death; receiving the just penalty of sin. And believing that He was resurrected from that death, proving that He satisfied God judicial penalty for sin, once for all (1 Peter 3:18) and now offers a resurrected life to anyone of us who receives His free gift of Salvation – Now that is the highest form of faith, what I call saving, triumphant faith.

And it is that knowledge, knowing that I am forgiven, rightly related to God and destined for heaven that makes every other life experience pale in significance while, also making everything of life the more wonderful, too.

Does that make sense? Isn’t that amazing? Yep, it’s called amazing grace. It’s a tidal wave of goodness for us from the almighty God who created us, redeemed us and longs to hang out with us; Father to son.

I love that fact.

Men, Stand on that truth and you are really standing on top of the world.  There is no more amazing feeling than to be able to enjoy your relationship to God, by faith, as you walk according to His will, His word. And when you do, you find that every other aspect of life feels better too – wherever you live – East or West coast, Eastern or Western hemisphere. Wherever you live; it makes no difference. The point is to catch Christ, and life will be better!

Jim Cote’

Don’t be afraid to try the greatest sport around (catch a wave, catch a wave)
Everybody tries it once
Those who don’t just have to put it down (ooh waah x3)
You paddle out turn around and raise (ooh wah ooh )
And baby that’s all there is to the coastline craze
You gotta catch a wave and your sittin on top of the world (oh wah oh x3)

Not just a fad cause its been going on so long (catch a wave x2)
All the surfers going strong
They said it wouldn’t last too long (ohh wah ohh x3)
They’ll eat their words with a fork and spoon (ohh wah ooh x3)
And watch em they’ll hit the road and all be surfin soon (ohh wah ooh)
And when they catch a wave they’ll be sittin on top of the world (ohh wah ooh)

The Beach Boys


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