A Band of Christian Brothers, A Team Of Mission Minded Men

Teams are small groups on a mission. They can be a part of a local church mens group, a Bible Study at the office, or any other place that men meet for discipleship. It is a place where men can be men.

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We have teams that meet all over the U.S. and internationally. Please reference the map below to try and find a team near you. If you can't find a team, please contact us and we will try to find you others in your area.

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To start a team, we have the Team Leader go through our Leadership Training course. Once he has completed this we have him go through M3 with his men. For 6 weeks the team learns the basics. How did Jesus do His ministry? How does Master’s Men want to copy his method? Throughout the year we want our teams to participate in at least one outreach event. An event where they engage men in the local community with the gospel and invite them to their team and local church.