A Band of Brothers, A Team Of Men

Teams are small groups on a mission. They can be a part of a local church mens group, a Bible Study at the office, or any other place that men meet for discipleship. It is a place where men can be men.

To start a team, we have the Team Leader go through our Leadership Training course. Once he has completed this we have him go through M3 with his men. For 6 weeks the team learns the basics. How did Jesus do His ministry? How does Master’s Men want to copy his method? Afterward, they pick up and continue with us through the FOCUS Online Study System. Throughout the year we want our teams to participate in at least one outreach event. An event where they engage men in the local community with the gospel and invite them to their team and local church.

The M3 program and FOCUS Online Study System is a great and effective tool for equipping your men’s ministry, fueling your Bible study, and reaching men in your community. Some churches don’t even have a men’s ministry. This is a great tool to share with your pastor, and it is perfectly suited for church plants and volunteer led men’s ministry.

MISSION MINDED. In 1998, with the established presence of Master’s Men in Nascar, the ministry began to leverage racing in order to share the Gospel. This continues today through Master’s Men Racing [MMR], the racing division of Master’s Men. A typical racing outreach event includes a day behind the scenes, in the pits, and concludes with the testimony of a racing professional. Guys come with an interest in racing, they leave having heard the message of salvation.

Whether big or small, the idea is to hold an event (BBQ, camping trip, flag football game, etc) in order to reach men. The goal is to share the Gospel, or at the very least, to engage them in a relationship in order to build trust and invite them to church and your Master’s Men team.

Master’s Men will hold events in varying sizes throughout the year and information about these events can be found in the Events section of the website. This is a great way for a church, or prospective Team Leader to come check it out and see what Master’s Men is all about.

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How To Get Started?

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