February 1, 2011

It is the end of hunting season and all you can think about is September 1st.

It is the February Funk. Sitting in your desk at work your mind drifts to the end of August. What’s in August? It isn’t your birthday, it isn’t Christmas, you aren’t getting a promotion or a new truck… it is the eve of opening day. Hunting season that is.

When I was a kid the dove season opener was like Christmas. It marked the greatest time of the year. Football, hunting and the holidays were about to kick up in full swing. We went to Oshmans (now a sporting good store dinosaur) and got our hunting licenses. Got the guns out and cleaned them, went scouting to find our field, and yes… we couldn’t sleep as if Christmas had come early.

Now you are an adult but still you have the same excitement and anticipation.

Until then however, hunting season is over. You may have bagged a late season buck and you may be preparing for spring turkey, but it is the time of year where the only thing you have to look forward to is March Madness. It is that weird funk in the year, after the Holidays and Super Bowl, where NBC showcases some strange sport on Sunday afternoon and all you hear are the honey do’s that you never got around to.

You look over at your tackle box. The rod and reel give you some comfort but for the most part you are deflated.


Because you are Mr. Outdoorsman.

You would rather not wear deodorant. You can “run a trout line” and yes… you are a country boy that can survive. Even if you are camouflaged with your 9 to 5 suit and tie, you are Jeremiah Johnson waiting to punch the clock.

There have been many good conversations with my dad over the years in the garage of the house. Cleaning guns, patching waders, and restringing decoys. Where hunting talk becomes God talk and where father teaches son life lessons. It takes hunting to a whole new level.

Hunting can become an obsession and it is important to maintain balance in work, family, and recreation, but hunting is an environment like no other. You are out in God’s creation experiencing the wilderness as it moves to His command. My favorite thing about hunting, other than shooting something, is watching the sunrise.

Doesn’t matter what game you are hunting, seeing the sunrise on a cold crisp morning places you at the foot stool of God. I have had some great one-on-one time with the Lord sitting over a decoy spread. The magnificence of watching creation ‘wake up’ reminds me of the Lords beauty, splendor and majesty.

We will post articles throughout the year with info on gear, hunting trends, hunts that our guys have participated on as well as survival techniques etc. But we hope that you use your love for the outdoors as a platform to reach men for Christ, mentor your children, and simply enjoy the creation of our Creator.

We pray that this is a place where you get started.

— Article contributed by Matt Cote. To read more from Matt visit his blog @ mattcote.wordpress.com