March 2, 2011

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love you.” – Psalm 122:6

Recent events in the Middle East are threatening the long standing balance of power and democracy in the area.

The populace revolt in Egypt will no doubt change the role of the US in that country and may well challenge the balance of power between those who seek to coexist with Israel and those who seek her destruction.

Many leading authorities – Middle East experts, our state department, as well as seasoned journalists are openly talking of a significant geo/political/religious power shift of immense proportions.

I say to America, be careful how you deal with “Jerusalem”.

From the beginning, God, the author of life, speaker of truth, and redeemer of mankind, established the fact that He intends to sovereignly, unequivocally and perpetually bless the seed of Abraham – especially those who emanate from the lineage of Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 12;2-3; 26:1-5 and 28:13,14). God’s covenant was established unconditionally and will result exactly as He intends – the Jews will remain and win, in the end.

Many, in Biblically illiterate America, and Biblically indifferent counter religions, do not understand this historical, religious, ethnic fact. I say we need to rediscover the ancient covenants and live by them, not seek to abrogate them, as many in the non Jewish world are seeking to do.

Ancient peoples learned this truth the hard way, as the “diviner” Balaam was loathe to curse Israel though powerful king Balak demanded it and offered to generously reward him for doing so (Numbers 22-24). But their efforts failed.

Today is no different. Many a powerful ruler, for ruthless, self serving reasons, is investing vast sums of money to fund the removal of the Jew from his land. But it will not work.

When prophecy was fulfilled, by the establishment of a Jewish homeland, on November 28th 1947, by declaration of the United Nations General Assembly then ratified in May 14, 1948, by the Jewish Peoples Council, the Lord Jesus was clear, that generation will remain until He returns and defeats all Israel’s enemies. (Matthew 24)

We [Gentiles] have a choice – support Israel and receive a blessing; “pray for her and prosper” or, oppose Israel and side with her neighbors. Siding with the convenience of popular political opinion results in a curse and loss of blessing.

Which will you choose and how will you pray?

Must we lose God’s blessing, to rediscover the truth of this passage?

– Article contributed by Jim Coté, Founder and President of the Master’s Men ministry.