February 14, 2011

Been thinking about…

The fact that I often find it hard to trust God. Where makes it so difficult?

Is it the fact that I can’t see Him and in my flesh and blood experience it is what I can see and feel that I tend to believe is real. And that’s really tough on a “professional Christian” like me. Almost embarrassing. As one who is accused of being sort of “biblely” (a word good-naturedly coined by the younger MM staff for us old guys who always seem to come up with something from the Word), I am reminded that without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that HE IS. If I really believe that He is real and He is there and all that the scriptures tell me about Him is actually true, then it just follows that I cannot afford to not trust Him. So why is it often so hard? At it’s root, I think it comes from a mixture of doubt, fear that He won’t do what I want him to do in a particular circumstance, and my sinful self wanting to be in control of my life. So much for addressing the problem. More later on the solution.

No easy answers here, but surely worth thinking about.

– Article contributed by Ken Sheppard, Director of Discipleship for the Master’s Men ministry.