September 16, 2011

Living in Dallas is awesome if you are a sports nut!

Texas High School football is hard to beat and college sports of all types is plentiful! Sports Radio is always on the air. And of course depending upon the time of year you can attend a MLB game, or an NBA game or an NFL game! With the NFL cranking up the 2011-2012 season I thought the following would be a good reminder.

The average attendance per NFL game (nationwide) was 69,960 in 2010-2011 with and average ticket cost of $75. Interestingly the average income in America is approximately $40,000 compared to that of the average salary and signing bonus for an NFL player, which is approximately 1.3 million.

So what’s the point you ask? Follow this… 69,960 thousand people, earning roughly 40k a year, and paying approximately $75 (average) to WATCH young men who earn 25 times more than they do to PLAY the game! Obviously there is a greater reward to PLAY the game than there is for just showing up to WATCH!

The NFL player has earned the right to PLAY in the NFL because they have sacrificed their time to become the best. The NFL PLAYER purposed at some point in their life that football was the thing they wanted to do… so they began dedicating their life to becoming a football PLAYER not a WATCHER. Hour upon hour, each and everyday, seven days a week they walked, talked and breathed football. You might say it became an obsession. That obsession produced fruit that in turn produced rewards. These men are PLAYERS and you can bet that every single one of them had several coaches along the way that encouraged and taught them a thing or two about the game!

Do you become a player by just showing up? So are you watching or playing? I’m pretty confident that you are a PLAYER in some form or fashion, whether it’s at work, at home or in the community, and that is one reason why I have written this little reminder.

You and I have the privilege of “PLAYING” for God and in doing so we have the opportunity to coach other men who by in large are doing more watching than playing when it comes to being the man God desires them to be. Playing is always more rewarding and is worth the “sacrifices” that must be made to not only play well but to stay in the game. You know as well as I that PLAYING the “game” day in and day out is not easy… you will get knocked down, have your bell rung, you will even get hurt and possibly penalized for not following the “rules.” No doubt there will be times that you become so tired that you will just want to take a break, however one only needs to look at the life of King David to know that stepping out of the game can lead to grave consequences. See 2 Samuel 11:1 and following.

Are you in the game? Are you helping others play the game well? Or are you just showing up to watch? What’s your obsession?

– Article contributed Tim Chastain, Director of Men’s Teams for the Master’s Men ministry.